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Model:CW-CP-0025/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/36 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.CW-CP-0025 R: 51118230514 L: 51118230513 FRONT BUMPER CLIP (FENDER) R/L BMW E38
2.CW-CP-0026 51111970389 REAR BUMPER CLIP BMW E38/39
3.CW-CP-0027 51131961243 TRUNK LID TNIM CLIP BMW E38/65/66
4.CW-CP-0028 51718259025 TRIMMING STEIP CLIP BMW E38
5.CW-CP-0029 51138166675 CAR BODY PROTECTOR CLIP BMW E38
6.CW-CP-0030 51118174185 FRONT BUMPER CLIP BMW E38
7.CW-CP-0031 51718259788 DOOR PAD CLIP BMW E38
8.CW-CP-0032 51458161557 CAR BODY PROTECTOR CLIP BMW E38
9.CW-CP-0033 R: 51118159362 L: 51118159361 FRONT FENDER CLIP R/L BMW E39
10.CW-CP-0034 51161881149 A/C DUCT CLIP BMW E39
11.CW-CP-0035 51478166992 FRONT INNER FENDER CLIP BMW E39
12.CW-CP-0036 51498166702 REAR END PANEL CLIP (BLACK) BMW E39

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