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Model:CW-CP-0830/831/0832/0833//834/835/836/837/840/841/ Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. CW-CP-0830 11531743295 Water hose BMW E36 Z3
2. CW-CP-0831 11531739552 WATER HOSE BMW
3. CW-CP-0832 32411094306 Power Steering Cooling Hose BMW E39
4. CW-CP-0833 11617544805 Intake Manifold Adjusting Unit BMW: 325Ci 2003-03 | 325i
5. CW-CP-0834 64118390697 Heater Hose Conjunction Flange BMW E36
6. CW-CP-0835 35411152744 Grommet BMW E24 E30 E28
7. CW-CP-0836 51141807495 Emblem Grommet BMW E32 E34 E36
8. CW-CP-0837 11531247915 Throttle Body Hose BMW E36
9. CW-CP-0840 11611438404 Intake Air Adjustment Unit/DISA Valve BMW E36 M43.44 E46
10. CW-CP-0841 11617501566 Crankcase Pressure Regulator Valve BMW E39 98 E38 728
11. CW-CP-0851 11617544806 Air Intake Manifold Flap Adjuster Unit DISA Valve New
12. CW-CP-0852 13541435625 New Genuine Fuel Injection Air Flow Meter Boot BMW 525i

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