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Model:CW-CP-1172/73/74/75/76/77/78/79/80/81/1648/1649 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

CW-CP-1172 7119906363 O RING 11.2*1.8 BMW E38 39 53 M62
CW-CP-1173 11311739130 DEFLECTION RAIL BMW E36 M42 Z3 M44
CW-CP-1174 11311721641 SLIDER RAIL BMW E30 36 M42
CW-CP-1175 11311247483 GUIDE RAIL BMW E36 M42 Z3 M44
CW-CP-1176 11311727342 CHAIN TENSIONER BMW E30 36 M42
CW-CP-1177 11311743262 CHAIN TENSIONER BMW E36 M42 Z3 M44
CW-CP-1178 11311704945 GUIDE RAIL BMW E31 38 M62 E39
CW-CP-1179 51237197474 BRWDEN CABLE REAR BMW E65 66 67
CW-CP-1180 51238240608 BRWDEN CABLE FRONT BMW E65 66 67
CW-CP-1181 51238240609 CENTRE BOWDEN CABLE BMW E65 66 67
CW-CP-1648 32106765782 REPAIR KIT BELLOWS BMW E60
CW-CP-1649 32106765234 REPAIR KIT BELLOWS BMW E90

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