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Model:CW-CP-1794/95/6/97/98/99/800/801/802/803/804/1805 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

CW-CP-1794 32411095526 INTAKE MANIFOLD BMW E38 728 39 46
CW-CP-1795 11151740393 HOSE BMW E36 39 Z3 M52
CW-CP-1796 11151735150 HOSE BMW E34 M50
CW-CP-1797 11151730507 VENT HOSE BMW E36 M50
CW-CP-1798 64211384763 Water hose BMW E32 M30
CW-CP-1799 11531287651 Water hose BMW E28
CW-CP-1800 11511739245 Water hose BMW E36
CW-CP-1801 64218390319 Water hose BMW E38 M60
CW-CP-1802 64218391122 Water hose BMW E38 M52 60
CW-CP-1803 64218391121 Water hose BMW E38 M60 62
CW-CP-1804 64218377662 Water hose BMW E38 M60 62
CW-CP-1805 64218391117 Water hose BMW E38 728 M52

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