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When the nozzle material is recycled and reused after being crushed, it is often troubled by uneven mixing and poor feeding due to the size of the crushed particles and powder crumbs. The special ultra-short screw is used to extrude the plastic melt and cut it into pellets, which is a new type of pelletizer for the peripheral equipment of the plastic molding factory. In addition to the granulating function of the pulverized material, it can also be used as a raw material for dyeing with a colorant (toner). The design adopts an air-cooled structure, and the pellets do not need to be preheated and dried before forming. For engineering plastics whose crushed materials cannot meet the requirements of forming products, they need to produce the same particles as the new materials. Miniaturized and concise mechanism, which does not take up space and can be used flexibly. Plastic granulation can be easily carried out in the factory, reducing the cost of waste material head treatment and out-of-plant processing and granulation. The melted and extruded plastic will be cut and pelletized immediately after the cold air is cooled. There is no need for complicated operations. As long as the screw and cutting speed, heating temperature, and cooling air flow are set, it can be easily operated.

Air-cooled granulator (separate machine-crushing, granulating)

The small and mobile design can be easily installed next to the injection molding machine, replacing the customers who generally use the shredder. The structure of the pulverizer is simplified, the use of blade parts is reduced, the abrasion is reduced, and the granulation quality is improved. In e. Based on the Pelleter granulator, there is a cutter for crushing. The material head taken out from the forming machine is directly put into the pulverizer and automatically pulverized by the cutter, then enters the screw to melt, extrude, cool and cut, and finally process into recycled plastic particles.

Air-cooled granulator (crushing, granulating, quantitative mixing)

Add a quantitative mixing device to the CP200-4 to mix recycled plastics and new materials in a certain proportion. The crushing, granulating and mixing can be completed directly. The controller of the mixing device can accurately set the mixing ratio, and the on-site operator is only responsible for feeding, and the rest of the machines operate automatically.

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