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Static Mixer-SK type

Static Mixer-SK type

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The static mixer is a high-efficiency mixing device without power requirement. It can be widely used in many different industry. Converting only a small portion of the energy of the fluid itself into mixed energy, and using the precisely designed blades to bring fluid into the mixer tube. After the process of division, reversal, mixing and rectification, the purpose of good dispersion and thorough mixing between the mixtures is achieved. Compared with traditional mixing equipment, static mixers have the advantages of compact structure, low energy consumption, low investment, high operational flexibility and no need to maintenance. Our static mixers can be customized according to customer's requirement.

It is suitable for the process of mixing, reaction, extraction, absorption, color matching and heat transfer in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals and plastics industries.

◎Since our static mixer are customized, please download and fill in our inquiry list thoroughly. We will evaluate and design the product you need.


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