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Lubricant Feeder
Lubricant Feeder

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

It is mainly used for the quantitative distribution and continuous supply of powdered materials. The materials can be uniformly added to the next process equipment. It is often used in automatic distribution, such as the chemical industry. If you need to add a lubricant during the production process, you can equip with a lubricant feeder to control the amount of lubricant. It is necessary equipment for the automatic processing.

It is widely used in chemical, food, concrete industry and machinery factory...,etc.

Our feeder machine has the following characteristics:
1.Abrasion resistant
2.Acid and alkali resistant
3.High temperature resistance
4.Moisture proof
6.It is suitable for adding a various materials.
7.Whether it is a high viscosity or low flow material, it can be easily and accurately added.
8.The gap is very small and the material will not be wasted due to the high assembled precision of the machine.
9.Simple operation, automatic control, constant speed and quantitative, accurate feeding, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
10.The addition amount can be customized from 0.3 to 1000kg/Hr according to customers' requirement.

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