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Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor

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The screw conveyor can transport material horizontally, vertically or obliquely and can provide one or more material entry points and discharge points.It is also suitable for conveying materials with good fluidity. The materials that are easy to deteriorate and have high viscosity will cause the materials to stick to the spiral during transportation, and only rotate with the spiral without moving forward or accumulating materials. The screw conveyor has a compact structure and low space requirements, and is widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, building materials and other industries.

If you have special requirement, such as the viscosity, toxicity, moisture-sensitive of the materials… etc., we can provide consulting and planning services to help you design the suitable equipment according to your specifications.

1.Compact structure and adaptable to crowded locations.
2.It can achieve the effect of sealing and dustproof.
3.Multiple discharge points can be equipped to provide greater system with design flexibility.
4.Completely smooth surface due to the minimal residue of material.

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