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Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Screening and classification of powdered and granular materials.

1.High sieving efficiency, it can be equipped with single or multi-screen according to the customer’s demand to increase the efficiency of production line and enhance the product quality as well.
2.Low running noise and high efficiency, long sieve service life, low energy consumption and low repair cost.
3.Automatic discharge of material, fully enclosed structure avoids material overflow.
4.The effective area of screen is large and the mesh is not blocked.
5.The structure is strong and the screening is uniform.
6.Continuous working.
7.Powerful vibration and we use the unique locking clamp and appropriate frame to make the equipment safer and steadier.
8.Detachable screen, reusable and easy to clean.
9.Easy to remove and it can be installed on any required place.

Widely used to many industries, such as food, chemical, medicine and metallurgical industry…,etc.

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