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Gas Adsorption Machine
Gas Adsorption Machine

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In the semiconductor or TFT manufacturing industry, the gas generated in the manufacturing process. The Gas Adsorption Machine is installed between the vacuum pump and the Local Scrubber to adsorb the residual gas in advance and prevent the crystals from blocking in the pipe. For the construction of the Gas Adsorption Machine, we used the Stainless steel double-sided suction net. The inner interlayer water-cooled double-circuit cooling tube is detachable & adsorptive type.

The gas generated during the process of the CVDA. Using the low temperature inside the gas absorption machine to make the fine dust crystallized into the gas adsorption machine to reduce the number of times of Local Scrubber PM, shortening the PM working hours, reducing the loading of the Local Scrubber, increasing the Local Scrubber Performance, and reducing the the doubts of the main wind pipe plugging. Also, reducing the cost of the electric heater, extending the life of the pump, and reducing the maintenance cost of the pump.

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