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Grease Trap for Kitchen
Grease Trap for Kitchen Hot

Model:BA133 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:PVC Plastic Color:White

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Grease Trap boxes for kitchen and Restaurant

Production Function:

* Filter oil from waste water in kitchen so that can help maintain the cleanness of the pipes.
* Easy to install; it can be used in a normal/ordinary washing sink for every family.
* Easy to clean; everyone can clean it himself/herself
* Environment friendly: when the oil is filtered from dirty water, the saponification can be avoided so it won't cause the problem of plugging.

Product Introduction film:

Grease Trap for Kitchen
Company: BOLIN CO., LTD.
Contact Person: ChiaTi Yen (Sales Assistant)
Telephone: 886-4-2325-8210
Fax: 886-4-2325-8016

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