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Fully Auto Surface Grinder(Saddle Series)
Fully Auto Surface Grinder(Saddle Series)

Model:*JL-618ATD/JL-818ATD/2550ATD/ *JL-3060ATD/JL-4080ATD

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

General Capaity
Table size (WxL)(mm) 250x500 300x600 400x800
Max. Stroke (WxL)(mm) 280x550 350x700 460x960
Surface of Magnetic (WxL) (mm) 250x500 300x600 400x800
Max. distance from center of Spindle to table(mm) 470 600 650
Max. tableload (electro magnetic chuck is included)(Kgs) 250 300 500
Longitudinal Movement
Stroke(mm) 280 700 960
Hydraulic pump motor 1.4 1.5 1.5
Servo motor X X X
Table speed(infinite elevation) 3~25m/min(120"~1000"/min) 3~23m/min(120"~920"/min) 3~25m/min(120"~1000"/min)
Cross Movement
Stroke(mm) 280 350 460
motor Sensor(Kw*P)Servo(Kw) Sensor 1 Kw*P Sensor 1 Kw Sensor 0.375(Kw*P)
Auto cross feed increment approx. 0.5mm~20mm (0.02"~0.8") 0.1mm~5.5mm (0.004"~0.22") 0.1mm~12mm (0.004"~0.48") 0.1mm~5mm(2A) (0.004"~0.8")
Rapid power cross feed approx.(mm/min)
60Hz 260(10.4")mm/min 1400(56")mm/min 550(22")mm/min 1300(52")mm/min
50Hz 220(8.8"")mm/min 1200(48")mm/min 450(18")mm/min 1100(44")mm/min
Hand wheel increment
1 revolution 5mm(0.1") 5mm(0.1") 5mm(0.1") 5mm(0.1")
1 graduation 0.02mm(0.0005") 0.02mm(0.0005") 0.02mm(0.0005") 0.02mm(0.0005")
Cross micrometric feed (optional)
1 revolution - - - 0.1mm(0.002")
1 graduation - - - 0.001mm(0.00005")
WheelheadVertical Infeed
Grinding wheel Rapid feed
60HZ 260(10.4")mm/min 280(11.2")mm/min 550(22")mm/min 180(7.2")mm/min
50HZ 220(8.8")mm/min 230(9.2")mm/min 450(18")mm/min 150(6")mm/min
Hand wheel increment
1 revolution 2mm(0.08") 2mm(0.08") 2mm(0.08") 1mm(0.05")
1 graduation 0.01mm(0.0004") 0.01mm(0.0004") 0.01mm(0.0004") 0.005mm(0.00002")
上下微調進給量 (選配)
1 revolution Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set
1 graduation Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set Down feed stepping motor can be set
Auto down feed
( min. graduation)) 0.001mm/P.P.S(ATD) 0.001mm/P.P.S(ATD) 0.001mm/P.P.S(ATD) 0.001mm/P.P.S(ATD)
Grinding Wheel
Spindle speed
60Hz(rpm) 1750R.P.M 1750R.P.M 1750R.P.M 3500R.P.M
50Hz(rpm) 1450 R.P.M 1450 R.P.M 1450 R.P.M 2900 R.P.M
Dimension of the wheel
(ODxWxB) (mm) 405x50x127 (16"x2"x5") 355x37.5x127(14.2"x1.5"x 5") 180X13X31.75(7.2"X0.5"X1.25") 180X13X31.75(7.2"X0.5"X1.25")
Spindle motor(HP*P) 5HPx4P 5HPx4P 2HPx2P 2HPx2P
Hydraulic pump motor(HP) 2HPx6P 2HPx6P 1HPx6P 1HPx6P
Auto crossfeed motor 1/5HPX6P 1/5HPX6P 1/5HPX6P 5RK-40A-S(2A.3A)(ATD:DC10SP)
Rapid head elevation motor (vertical) 1/5HPX6P 5RK-90A-S(AH),PK299-01A(ATD) 1/5HPX6P 5RK-40A-S(2A.3A)(ATD:DC10SP)
coolant pump(optional) 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP
Sound pressure level
Sound pressure level dB(A) Below 78dB(A) Below 78dB(A) Below 78dB(A) Below 78dB(A)
Machine net weight/ Kgs 3250(7150 lbs) 2000(4400 lbs) 1350(2970 lbs) 1280(2816 lbs)
Packing weight/ Kgs(1bs) 3500(7700 lbs) 2300(5060 lbs) 1550(3410 lbs) 1380(3060 lbs)
Machine floor space
(LxWxH)(mm) 3000x2050(120"x81") 2600x2050(103"x81") 2650x1750(104"x72") 2300x1750(92"x70"))
Packing size
(L×W×H)/cm 276x228x225 (110.4"x91.2"x90") 224X196X210(90"X78"X84") 212x146x200 (85"x58.4"x80") 224x136x210(90"x55"x84")

Address: No. 240-1, Tafeng Rd., Sec. 1, Tantzu Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 427
Telephone: 886-4-2534-9475 (Rep.)
Fax: 886-4-2533-9001
URL: www.joen-lih.com.tw

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