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Microwave motion sensor
Microwave motion sensor Hot


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

● Microwave motion sensor is designed based on Doppler radar principle and technology
● Trigger by object movement
● Without influence by temperature, humidity, air flow and dust
● Compact size makes it suitable to fix within most luminaries, the waves can penetrate non-metallic object
● Detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switch
● Detection range,time delay, light control can be adustable
● Microwave frequency 5.8GHz
● Transmission power <0.2w on-off function
● 4 pole press-in terminals (L’ N’ L N), easy assembly
● Installation for indoor, wall and ceiling mounted
Widely use in energy saving lighting, bulb, LED lighting etc., mounted at stairways, porch, corridor and garage, car parking lots etc.

Microwave motion sensor
Contact Person: Judy Ho (Sales Dept)
Chihyuan Chien (Vice President)

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