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Automatic Riveting Machine
Automatic Riveting Machine

Model:DR-ARM SERIES Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Easy set up and operation by PLC system.
2. It comes with auto rivet delivering and organizing functions.
3. The system has counting functions, it can be totalize and memorize the data.
4. It alerts the operator by an alarm system, when the rivet is jammed during the operation.
5. It alerts the operator with the error codes which tells exactly where the problem is.
6. The machine is equipped with inlet/outlet air pressure alarm device.
7. The restart mode is benefit for most of the trouble shooting.
8. When there is an error, the machine will display where the trouble spot is for fast problem resolving.

Rivet Size: 2.4~4.8 mm

Machine Weight: 25 kg

L*W*H: 500 x 230 x 450 mm

Feeding Frequency: 40~50 pcs/min (depend on rivet size)

Load Capacity: 800~2500 pcs (depend on rivet size)

Air Pressure: 90 PSI

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