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Heavy-Duty Tool Box Creeper Seat
Heavy-Duty Tool Box Creeper Seat Hot

Model:AD-10-T-S Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:STEEL Color:BLACK/RED

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Product Features: 1.An ideal accessory for any garage, workshop, or auto detailing shop
2. Durable steel construction with a 350 lbs. capacity 3. seat dimension : L 360mm X W280mm X 600mm H
4.. Rugged steel construction with padded cushion seat for durable use and a comfortable seat
5. Tool tray can rotate up and down, easy to use -(size : L270 X W170 X H 25 mm) 7.The tool tray can be dragged out (size :L 225 mm X W 260mm X H 25mm) 8.Behind the tool holder, can hang tools. 9.Four Ø2.5” swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability.

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