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Vertical milling machine

Vertical milling machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions


Machine Features

The turret type milling head is ruggedly constructed,combined with a heavy duty NST#40 spindle, making this unit excellent for heavy duty machining.
The spindle is precision manufactured from quality alloy steel SCM-21, carburized, tempered, and precision ground for maximum material stability. The spindle runs on high precision P4 class bearings.
Designed with an automatic forced lubrication system for the ground gears, clutch, and bearings inside the milling head, ensuring long service life of the head parts.
FC-30 and FCD-35 high quality castings are tempered for maximum wear resistance and strain-free performance.
The X and Y axis feeds are driven by a high precision C5 class preloaded, double nut ball screw. Each axis has a lock handle. Smooth feed, minimum backlash, superior positioning accuracy.
The table slideways and upper surface are tempered and high frequency hardened. Both surfaces on the T-slot are precision ground, giving an accurate reference for machining.
The body & base, and Z-travel slideway are one piece constructed.
Automatic lubrication for X, Y and Z-axis slideways and feed screws ensures accurate motion for all parts. Lubrication interval is 60 minutes.

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