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Impedance analyzer

Impedance analyzer

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The 6632 precision impedance analyzer has six frequency options(10 Hz to 1/3/5/10/20/30MHz). The equivalent circuit analysis function supports 7 different parameter models (three-element, four-element), it can help customers model the impedance versus frequency characteristics. 6632 Built-in DC Bias voltage ±12V, optional plug-in DC Bias voltage/current 0 to ±40V/±100mA. It can measurement of piezoelectric element admittance circle, and can measure DC bias characteristic of capacitance value. 6632 can use with DC bias current test system 6210, 6220, or 6240. Support RS-232、GPIB、Handler、LAN、USB Host/Device interfaces, PC connection software capabilities to improve the design and test efficiency significantly.

The 6632 supports a variety of accessories that meet customer’s need. Such as dielectric material test fixture that allows PCB designed engineers to reduce the faulty conditions with the comprehensive information of permittivity while designing PCB layouts, liquid dielectric material test fixture for measuring dielectric constant of pure water and air, magnetic material test fixture for measuring of permeability of various toroidal cores or ferrite cores and electromagnetic shielding coating materials……etc.

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