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8740N, 8740NA,8740FA Cable tester
8740N, 8740NA,8740FA Cable tester

Model:8740N, 8740NA,8740FA Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

In the cable soldering process, open circuit, short circuit, and non-wetting (both cold soldering and empty solder) are the most common processing defects and the most common problems found in cable quality control.

8740 cable or connector tester has 128、256 and 512 test pin. Included 8740N、8740NA、8740FA series. The different between 8740N, 8740NA, 8740FA is AC and DC voltage.

The measurement items of 8740 cable or harness tester have (1) Open/Short;(2) Conductance; (3) Components; (4) AC Hipot; (5) DC insulation/ Hipot; (6) Quick conductance (7) Intermittence O/S, and (8) Quick Intermittence open circuit. It supports RS-232, USB Host, Print, Remote interfaces.

8740 cable or connector tester can test various of wires, connectors, and the combined products of connectors and wires.

8740N, 8740NA,8740FA Cable tester
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