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Motorized Spindle
Motorized Spindle

Model:HSK E32 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Max. Speed Rotation: 40,000 RPM
Toolholder Type: ISO 25 HSK E32
Bearing Specification: Front 70:07X2 Rear 70:06X2
Bearing lubrication Type: Grease
Bearing Preloading method: Spring
Power Transmission Method : Build-In Motor
Spindle Positioning Type: Encoder
Broaching Force: 1,500 N 5,000 N
Broaching Type: ISO-25 Gripper HSK-A32
Spindle front air curtain Standard
Cooling method Water Cooling
Spindle taper inner hole deflection 0.002mm
Test rod spindle end deflection. 0.003mm
Test Bar Runout 75/0.008mm. 200/0.008mm
Balance Grade G1(ISO 1940)
Installation method
Installing method Vertical
CTS/Coolant Through the Spindle None
Spindle weight About 17 kg.

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Fax: 886-4-2620-2777

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