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Brilliant Table Lamp

Brilliant Table Lamp

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

This product uses LEDs to irradiate laser holographic reflective media to produce three-dimensional color light, and will change with viewer's view.
It's a different kind of glow.
It is an unprecedented achievement in the world of lighting. It has many international colleges and universities.Interest.
Products include table lamp type, ceiling lamp type, flying saucer type, variety type, large and medium sized design
Specification: 162mm * Height 306mm
Material: LED. Glass. Copper. Zinc.
Lighting modulation: Touch mode
Power Consumption: 22W (110v-DV12V)
Sales methods: manufacturing, wholesale, cooperative, retail, export
Sales Target Market: Taiwan
competitive characteristics
Excellent quality: Zinc,copper alloy,glass,LED.Laser reflector WANTAI large colour crystal lamp manufactured
New product: Large color crystal lamp has ceramic white, gold, rose gold, gold, can choose.

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