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Micro LED Light Strip

Micro LED Light Strip

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Single run up to 50M, the best flexible linear lighting.

High quality polymer light body at double outer layer for better stress resistance.
Level CCT consistency in each roll.
Multiple sizes ( 5x8, 6x12,10x10mm) for different usage.
Variety CCT / Color : 6000K, White 5700K, 4000K,
Warm White 2700k, Cool White, Red, Green, Amber, Blue.
Brightness Series : 220 lum/M, 550 lum/M, 1000 lm/M (developing).
50m per roll.
Quick-setting IP67 worldwide patented connectors.
Weather& impact resistant.
Extremely flexible.
Apply Worldwide multi patents.
Use only world class premium LED.
Long life high quality LED.
100% manufacturing & assembling in Taiwan with high quality.


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