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Cage Trolley (Plastic Plate)
Cage Trolley (Plastic Plate)

Model:ML-3 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Steel/Iron Wires and Rods / Plastic Color:Green

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

This cage trolley has proven to be the perfect choice for goods transportation. it can Help you get the best solution.
Different industries can make use of this cage trolley for save time and energy.

※.Products Model: ML-3
※.Outer Size: L840 × W650 × H1700 mm
※.Inner Size: L780 × W590 × H1460 mm
※.Loading Capacity: 500 kgs
※.Wheels: 6" × 2". Material is Hard Rubber. wheel type: 2 swivel and 2 swivel & brake.
※.Surface Treatment: Powder coating.
※.Bottom Pallet Type: Plastic Pallets. (Patent Number M369274 )

※.Characteristic of the Products:
1. Time end labor saving for goods loading and unloading.
2. Neat and eye-catching goods display.
3. Can fold, easy storage. do not take up space.
4. Scope of application Logistics & Warehousing, Delivery & Distribution, Loading & Unloading, car Maintenance & Repair.

Cage Trolley (Plastic Plate)
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