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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Model SG-4080AH
Table size (mm) 400*800 (16"*32")
Max. grinding surface (mm) 400*800 (16"*32")
Max. distance center of spindle to table 550mm (22") {Option: 650 mm (25")}
Table speed 5~25 M/min (200"~1000"/min)
Table guideway V & Flat way
Auto. Cross feed increment
approx. 0.5mm ~ 20mm
Rapid power cross feed (mm/min)
approx. 1100 mm/min (44"/min) (60Hz)
900 mm/min (36"/min) (50Hz)
Cross feed (1 rev)
on havd wheel (1 gra) 5 mm (0.2")
0.02 mm (0.001")
Rapid power head elevation (60Hz)
approx (Option) / (50Hz) 550 mm/min (13"/min) (60Hz)
450 mm/min (11"/min) (50Hz)
Vertical feed (1 rev)
on havd wheel (1 gra) 2 mm (0.5")
0.01 mm (0.0002")
Vertical feed (1 rev)
with M.P.G (1 gra) X
Auto. Down feed (Option) 0.001mm~0.999mm/Time (0.0001"~0.0999"/Time) (Option)
Wheel speed (60Hz/ 50Hz) 1750 R.P.M (60Hz) / 1450 R.P.M (50Hz)
Wheel dimension 406*50*127mm (16"*2"*5")
Spindle motor 5HP
Hydraulic pump motor 2HP
Auto. Cross feed motor 1/5HP
Rapid head elevation motor 1/5HP (Option)
Machine net weight (kgs) 3250 (7125Lbs)
Packing gross weight (kgs) 3500 (7700Lbs)
Machine floor space (mm) 3000*2000
Packing dimensions / L x W x H (cm) 276*228*215

* The above specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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