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Oxygen absorbers

Oxygen absorbers

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About oxygen absorbers
Oxygen absorber is using iron powder with adequate catalyst absorbs oxygen in packaged foods. The O-BUSTER oxygen absorbers obtain the non-toxic certification of Japan Food Research Laboratories and the US FDA DMF, ISO9001:2008, SGS (no residues of hazardous substances), etc.
Oxygen supports the growth of microorganisms and therefore causes changes in colors and rancid odor in plastic packaged foods. Oxygen absorbers absorb 99.9% oxygen and therefore prolong the shelf life of food.

The material with patent licensing in Japan preventing the pollution of oil and water without leak of inner ingredients causes no contamination to food.
Oxygen absorbers as non-additives are safe for food contact.
The O-BUSTER oxygen absorbers with rapid optimal oxygen absorbability and long effective duration are the best you can have.
The O-BUSTER oxygen absorbers are the best partner for food preservation.

Oxygen absorption aims to

1.Prevent the growth of oxygen-using aerobic microorganisms;
2.Prevent the containers from oxidation and contents from deterioration; and
3.Prevent changes of colors and odors under the non-oxygen environment.

Fresh-keeping capacity

The bacteria grow fast under proper thermal and humid conditions in packaged foods and cause changes of colors and odors. Consequently, it is essential to keep packaged foods fresh by oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorbers absorb oxygen and effectively reduce the aerobic environment to non-oxygen condition (oxygen concentration< 0.1%) making aerobic bacteria and fungi unable to grow, which not only reduces the sum of the additives used but also prevents worms from growing and stops oil from becoming rancid.

Oxygen absorbers are the cutting edge technology for food preservation. Such invention is the fruit of sciences of different disciplines and O-BUSTER is recognized by the world on the technology of food preservation.
For fresh keeping of foods in the steps of production, warehouse, delivery and sales, the human-friendly and green technology for food preservation is our concern.
The technology for food preservation aims to maintain the original form and biochemical quality of foods by preventing foods from any changes in taste, color and quality. Microorganisms that grow fast with oxygen in adequate temperature and humidity make the preceding changes occur, so it is the best way to keep foods fresh by oxygen absorbers.

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