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FLE New Generation Antibacterial Liquid

FLE New Generation Antibacterial Liquid

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FLE-G disinfectant is specifically designed for Air Guard AG-850. The antibacterial fog can quickly fill large areas and also cleans deep inside air-conditioning systems. Active ingredient is an herbally based germicidal which also contains deodorant effect.
FLE-G is created using a cutting-edge manufacturing process to produce the best antibacterial fogging formulation on the market. It is the only product truly suitable for undergoing high-temperature gasification without losing any active ingredients. It doesn’t contain chloride and won’t produce harmful gases such as chlorine, trihalomethane or any other harmful gases even when in contact with organic materials.

Thymol and silver are the main germicidal active ingredient in our fogging solution. Thymol is a safe natural occurring substance found inside of thyme plants and is listed by the US EPA as an effective active ingredient to kill COVID-19. It also works synergistically with other herbal antibacterial and deodorant compounds to allow us to produce the safest effective solution on the market today.

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