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Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Carbide

Country of Origin:
Australia, China, Sweden
Black Silicon Carbide

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Black Silicon Carbide
The raw material of Black Silicon Carbide is quartz sand and petroleum coke. It is refined by high temperature in electric resistance furnaces. The crystal structure is black with micro hardness of 2840-3320 kg/ mm. It is brittle and sharp with a certain electric conductivity and heat conductivity. The grinding tools made from it are suitable for casting iron, colored metal and non-metal grinding processing. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture high-end fire-resistant materials.

Beside artificial diamond, Black Silicon Carbide is the hardest and sharpest one usually used as sand material.
The cutting speed is faster than Aluminum Oxide and Emery sand. Usually used in cutting and sculpture.
The abrasion to blowpipe and spray nozzle is comparatively more serious.

To clean extremely hard surface such as WC tools.
Use for deeper sand blast sculpture, such as sculpture on the rock.
Match up with ultrasonic vibrating drilling machine to use on drilling small holes.
To make thin and brittle tools for sand blast and cutting.

Package weight
C#12 ~ C#220: 25Kg/Bag
C#240 ~ C#3000: 20Kg/Bag
The package is a three-layer paper bag. There is a moisture-proof protective cover inside the bag. Every package of the product is printed the Company name and product item, serial number, and lot number on the front side of the package to be distinguished.

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