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Air Blow Gun with Multi-Function Interchangeable Nozzles

Air Blow Gun with Multi-Function Interchangeable Nozzles

Country of Origin:
Body: NY+GF, Trigger: POM, Air Inlet: Brass
Dark green

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

•Nozzles and Accessories:
a. φ6mm x L100, L160, L320, L500, L1000mm steel extensions with 6 available angles fit into confined spaces with ease
b. Turbo nozzle with 3 times air flow for wide rang clean, material: NY+GF
c. L100, L256, L343mm plastic extensions with 6 available angles ideal for mirror surface & electric car clean, Non-conducting, material: NY+GF
d. L42, L76, L231, L318mm 1-1/4" Fan nozzles with 6 available angles ideal for sweeps dust, dirt & water droplets from car or wide area, material: NY+GF
e. D16 Rubber tip, conical shaped tips for sealing area to be blown out, working pressure 190psi, material: NY+GF / NBR,
f. Safety nozzle, when inlet pressure is 90 PSI prevents pressure exceeding 30 PSI if tip becomes blocked, conforming to OSHA
g. Rubber tip forφ6mm steel extension prevent scrap hand and workpiece, material: NBR
h. Chip shield protect operators from flyaway chip debris, available with 6mm & 8mm steel nozzle, material PCTG
•Quick Release Knob design unlocks to remove attachments in 6 different rotating positions
•Ideal for cleaning debris from a work space, drying wet surfaces, blowing up balloons and many more creative applications
•Pistol grip provides a nonslip surface for easy use
•Full range trigger control, easily feather from 1-100%
•Light weight design for comfortable use
•Hook and hanging hole for easy place
•Body: NY+GF •Trigger: POM
•Piston: NY+GF •Air Inlet: Brass
•Working Pressure: 110-160 psi (7.7-11kg)
•Max Pressure: 220 psi (15kg)
•Air Inlet Tread: 1/4"
•Air Consumption(85psi): 7.6CFM (215L/MIN)
•Temperature range: -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)

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