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Six Bolt Slot Shaft, Sleeve Set

Six Bolt Slot Shaft, Sleeve Set

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Product Information
A core part for ATC automatic tool change mechanism components.
This product can be used in machinery transmission devices in airplanes, auto vehicles, machine tools in the manufacturing sector, and agricultural machineries.
Provides higher use load, high standard centering accuracy, and high connection capacity, this product is capable of providing high bearing performance, making it a great choice for neutrality and guiding purposes.

Selling method: Manufacturing, collaboration, servicing
Target Markets: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Global

Competitive Advantages
Excellent quality: The ATC related components are made from quality carbon steel.
Diverse designs: Shi Tai Machinery is capable of offering diverse designs for ATC related components.
OEM services are available for Shi Tai Machinery’s ATC related components.

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