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i2R CNC - AX11 Series

i2R CNC - AX11 Series

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i2R AX11 Series is a brand new machine, focusing on the development and application of prototype parts.
A small amount of various processing types, suitable for stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and wood processing, and the price is also affordable.
The special cement construction method is used to produce traditional CNC castings to make the mechanical structure of stability and strength while taking into account the weight reduction of the whole machine by 1/2, it is especially suitable for users with insufficient floor load-bearing requirements.

The machine is made from modular design, from CNC controller / spindle / four or five axis / tool magazine / vacuum hold-down kit / exterior sheet metal / machine base and water tank, etc...., all parts can be customized to fit the user needs with economic benefits.

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