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Solar Battery
Solar Battery


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Small-scale solar panel for outdoor use; a DC power recharging source for outdoors electrical equipment such as solar lights, alarm, instrumentation, etc.
For a higher power output: modules could be connected in series for higher voltage, or in parallel for higher current.

* Dimensions: 237mm x 220mm x 5m
* Solar Output: 4.2 W, 6 V, or 12 V
* Cell Material:
-- Single or poly crystal silicon
-- Anodized aluminum base plate

* 18 or 36 cells string bonded on aluminum base plate
* Cells are completely coated with protective sealant
* Four Mounting Holes: 226mm x 189mm x 3mm
* Lead Wire: Two colors, weather resistive transparent wire, 45cm in length attached with male connector
* Weight: 360g

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