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Building Materials , Synthetic/PVC/PU Sheets, Veneers

Building Materials , Synthetic/PVC/PU Sheets, Veneers

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PETG Wood-grain Veneer
1. Non-PVC material
2. Heat-sealed or high-frequency laminated
3. Can be easily, directly printed without priming
4. Easily embossed; better hot-formed than PET or PP; can be cold-formed for higher flexibility than PVC
5. Highly compatible with two commonly-used categories of adhesive:
a. Large-area lamination: MAK (Methyl n-Amyl Ketone) and CY solvents.
b. Spot-to-spot lamination: THF, MEK, methylene chloride, and PVC-doped cement.
6. Though less chemical-resistant, costing a little more, PETG is superior to Olifin family, PP and other non-PVC materials when it comes to hot forming, printing and lamination.
7. Withstands cold to -20º C, or lower if reformulated per customer request.
8. Superior to PVC in terms of transparency and friction resistance; also available in semi-rigid type for drywalls, flooring, stationery, packaging and vacuum-forming applications.

Building Materials , Synthetic/PVC/PU Sheets, Veneers
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