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Extrusion Line For Corrugated Tube
Extrusion Line For Corrugated Tube


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Forming and cooling of the plastic pipe by two horizontal mould black chains which move in lubricated guiding and cooling channels.

The F-50 series is equipped with 32, 52, 74 or 90 pairs of moulds which are cooled by direct water cooled guidance plates in the middle channel as well as in the back tracks.
These guidance plates ensure an exact movement of the moulds.
Optionally, the moulds are cooled by air fans.

The mould blocks, which carry the required pipe profile, consist of high quality steel which is surface-hardened and additionally heat-treated.
The mould blocks move smoothly on lubricated base plates.

The lubrication of the complete corrugator is done by a fully automatic lubrication unit which ensures a service-free run of the machine.
The drive of the mould blocks is done by gears.
A frequency-controlled drive pushes the mould block forward with the required production speed.
However, the mould block changing can be done by one person within hour.

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