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LED Street Lamp
LED Street Lamp

Model:E40-35W Country of Origin:China

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Material: Aluminum Alloy, PC
LED Source: High power LEDs
Socket: E40
Watt: 35W
Number of LEDs: 28 LEDs
Color temperature: Cool white (5000 ~ 7000K) Warm white (3000-4000K)
Input: 85 ~ 277 V AC
Lumen: Max lumen output 2100 LM

Illumination (E):
(Height=6m) ≥13 lux (Equal to HPS 33 lux)
(Height=8m) ≥7.5 lux (Equal to HPS 19 lux)
(Height=10m) ≥4.5 lux (Equal to HPS 11 lux)
(Height=12m) ≥3 lux (Equal to HPS 7.5 lux)

Effective Illuminated Area:
20 x 8m (Height=6m)
26 x 10m (Height=8m)
33 x 13m (Height=10m)
40 x 16m (Height=12m)

Beam Angle: Horizontal axis: 120° Vetical axis: 60°
Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ 40°C
IP Rating : IP 60
Net Weight: 1 KG / 2.20lb
Rotation: 360° (after the lamp is fully tightened to the socket)
Average Lifetime (hours): 50.000hrs
Certificate: CE

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