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HID Flashlights
HID Flashlights

Model:MH-HID-01 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Long-range illumination: the illumination is over 2 kilometers.
* High Illumination: the illumination of 35W is up to 3,700 LMs.
* The life hour of bulb is longevous.
* The life hour of the light bulb is over 3,600 hours.
* The eco-battery is lithium battery, the weight is light, the electrical protection circuit is independent, like to the ballast.
* There are several safety devices in case of low voltage, high voltage, anti-explosive, over current etc.
* Time lasting: two hours enduring for operation while battery is full charged.
* Portable HID Kits
* Color: 3000K-8000K
* Power: 35W
* Time: 2hr
* Illumination Distance: 2km

HID Flashlights
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