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Multi-Tray Tablet & Capsule Counter
Multi-Tray Tablet & Capsule Counter


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Accumulated over 30 years practical experience on electric counting process, model KDC-212 Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter counter have been developed and fabricated by KD After manufacturing auto counting series machine such as KDC-101 Tablet & Capsule Counter , Automatic Counting & Filling Machine , Automatic Counting & Capping.

Model KDC-212 (Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter) counter is integrated optical, diagnosing and computer technology to achieve multi- channel counter, that was latest counter, very accuracy and very efficiency auto counter for capsule/ tablet in the pharmaceutical packing market.

The KDC-212 (Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter) is a 12 channels counting machine that can accurately counts and fills all shapes of tablets, capsules, caplets, soft capsules and transparent products without change parts.
Suitable for pharmaceutical, nutrition, food, cosmetic industries.

Applicable industry:Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, natural food…etc.

Max. Capacity: 850,000 Tablets/Hour.

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