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Condenser Welding Machine
Condenser Welding Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The key components are imports from Europe, the USA and Japan.
1. Japan air-operated components
2. The USA and Japan SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
3. The capacitor same as the modern Japanese models- a power storage type, special purpose capacitor for instant charge and discharge.
4. The USA and Japan components for controlling system.
5. Available models-vertical type, bed type, air pressurized type and foot-pressurized type for general spot welding, convex welding, single side and two side welding.
6. Output/input is separated from power source. Minimum power is required. High power factor and short discharge time save electricity obviously.
7. Instant discharge time between 0.003~0.006 second ensures minimum heat loss. Electrodes have a long service life. Quality welded dots have no oxidizing surfaces, and look good.
Weld able materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphorus copper, aluminum, nickel, nickel-chrome alloy, tungsten, zinc, aluminum plated steel and some special metals.
Household electric wares: TV set, VCR, air regulator, gas burning utensil, electric water pot, electric warmer, and micro wave stove, etc.
Electronic wares: battery, transistor, current controller capacitor, resistor, heat relay, contacts, relay, heating

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