LED Daylight Lamp

LED Daylight Lamp



Detail Specifications / Descriptions
Function and features:
Comprehensive application of LED optoelectronic source, special design of electric circuit control, really and efficiently economize on energy, saving energy above 80%.

Extremely bright, high Ra-color rendering index, it' s the latest indoor illumination product. No need to use ballast and starter, and no flicker. Super long life and the estimated lifespan should be more than 40000 hours.

Application scope: The indoor lighting of the office , factory, shopping mall, daily life at home and etc.

Product name: LED super energy-saving daylight lamp

Item No.: AL-DL174L-8W

Luminous intensity: 8W LED daylight lamp is equal to 25W energy-saving tube lamp

Color temperature: 3500°K/6500°K

Lamp-house: LED

LEDs: 174 pcs, Straw shape, 120degree

Consumption power: 8W

Power supply: AC/150V-250V 50HZ/60HZ

Estimated lifespan: ≥40000 hours

Operating temperature: -40℃~60℃

Nation standard length: 8W: 600mm

Color temperature: warm white/day white/cool white




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