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Screws, Nuts

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The Chun Yu Group's nut production lines are located at the Kangshan factory in Taiwan, the Moon Lion factory in Indonesia, and the Dongguan factory in China. Chief products include square nuts, hex nuts, hex flange nuts, auto wheel nuts, weld nuts, lock nuts, heavy-duty nuts, high-tensile nuts, stainless steel nuts, 2H nuts, and special nuts, etc. 2H nuts are the major product. Average monthly production is 700 tons.
The process of making 2H nuts consists of straightening, heating, forging, quenching, tempering, reaming threads, surface treatment, packaging, and storage. As far as quality control is concerned, the first piece is inspected, one inspection is performed every 15 minutes, and inspection data is recorded once every two hours. The hardness of tempered nuts is tested. Chun Yu upholds exacting standards to insure that customers receive the best possible

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