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Nanotech Wax
Nanotech Wax

Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Liquid Nano SiO2, wax, and surfactants Color:White

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

A newly developed, high-tech car-care product using materials imported from the U.S., Japan and Germany.
‧Durable: Featuring 6-month durability after waxing, the wax provides a layer of ceramic coating, which provides excellent protection from acid, alkalis, UV, scratches, and detergents
‧Convenient: A hydrophilic product—users can start waxing right after finishing washing their cars. It’s also a user-friendly product, for there’s no need to remove anything on the car body (including car moldings and rubber/plastic accessories) while waxing. Users can even wax their cars under the sun.
‧Eco-friendly: After the first waxing, it would be much more easier for users to wash their cars without using detergents.


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