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Computer Desks/Tables
Computer Desks/Tables

Model:DC-201 Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Blue / Red / Sliver Gray

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1. Height adjustable and suitable for 3-year-olds to adults.
2. Gas-lift mechanism for safe, easy adjustment.
3. Quick-release lock for simple, smooth adjustment.
4. Rear-wheels design protects floor and enables easy portability.
5. Independent bookshelf and desktop ensure easy desktop height-adjustment.
6. HPL desktop is scratchproof and easy-to-clean.
7. Edge-molding ensures user safety.
8. Tiltable desktop that doubles as drafting table.
9. Front edge installed with a book stop and a pen slot.
10. Multi-patented.

‧Size: W=110 x? D=79/81 x? H=76 (cm)
‧Desktop Height-adjustment: Max: 75cm (±2cm); Min: 50cm (±2cm)
‧Desktop Colors: Grayish White/Wood Grain
‧Desktop Tilt Angle: 0-35 degrees (±2 degrees)
‧Wear- & fire-proof E1 particleboard
‧Powder-coated iron sheet, meets RoHS standards
‧Iron sheet/tube, plastic, gas-spring lift
‧Foam, 3M water/stain-proof upholstery, plus plywood chair back

Carton size: 1/3: 112 x 67.2 x 12 cm/3.19' / 21 kg
2/3: 83.7 x 69 x 7.5 cm / 1.53' / 9.1 kgs
3/3: 112.5 x 28.3 x 3.7cm / 0.42' / 6.2 kgs
NW:32.5 kgs
GW:36.5 kgs

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