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Aluminum Radiator Cap
Aluminum Radiator Cap

Model:D1S-008A-61S Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Red/Blue/Tai/Silver/Black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

It can improve the pressure and cooling water’s boiling.
With high pressure stander to support higher pressure to prevent overheat situation.
Take advantage of high anti-rust stainless cover to keep the product’s lifetime.
It can improve the pressure and cooling water’s boiling.
With D1 SPEC aluminum radiator cover, it can decorate and light up your engine.
1.1Bar, Big head size
D1S-008A-61S Red color
D1S-008B-61S Blue color
D1S-008C-61S Silver color
D1S-008D-61S Titanium color
D1S-008G-61S Black color

1.1Bar, Small head size
D1S-008A-63S Red color
D1S-008B-63S Blue color
D1S-008C-63S Silver color
D1S-008D-63S Titanium color
D1S-008G-63S Black color

1.3 Bar, Big head size
D1S-009A-61S Red color
D1S-009B-61S Blue color
D1S-009C-61S Silver color
D1S-009D-61S Titanium color
D1S-009G-61S Black color

1.3 Bar, Small head size
D1S-009A-63S Red color
D1S-009B-63S Blue color
D1S-009C-63S Silver color
D1S-009D-63S Titanium color
D1S-009G-63S Black color

Aluminum Radiator Cap
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