Import / Export Custom Declaration

Import / Export Custom Declaration

Detail Specifications / Descriptions
Service areas of Custom Declaration: Koahsiung / Taichung / Keelung
*EDI network by Trade-Van Information Service Co.
Custom declaration by EDI network for 24 hours
*Paying custom duties on EDI network
Passing custom and picking up cargo rapidly
*Professional Custom Declaration on Sea/Air Import and Export:

We own authority and expertise on customs clearance service. Our fleet on custom broker division come along with professional and practical experience and history of fifteen years on sea/air import and export declaration.

As the result, you are capable to assure your consignable shipments can pass custom smoothly, share the most efficient declaration quality, release and pick up shipments/containers from custom at soonest in the whole process.

You will believe your consignable shipments are under the condition of the safest and the greatest protection after our fleet take such charge.

In other words, under our professional service efficiency for customs declaration, you will have no worries behind just because your shipment s are capable to obtain the greatest guarantee.

1. Custom Declaration On Sea Export and Import
2. Custom Declaration On Air Export and Import
3. Import & Export Declaration Of A Great Bulk Cargo/ Pick Up Cargo In The Dock
4. L/C、Negotiation、Inspection、Quarantine
5. Trailer & Truck Arranging
6. Arranging Shipping Schedule/ Flight/ Space
7. Consultation For Import From China




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