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Spindle for Grinding Machine
Spindle for Grinding Machine

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

-Applicable for 618 / 25 / 36 / 48 / 450grinding machines.
-Minimum noise, minimum vibration high accuracy and high rigidity.
- Specialist In NN30XXK Bearing Spindle Series.
- High Rigidity, High Precision, High Speed Rotation.
- Economical, Quality, Efficient.
- Adoping P4 level NNxxK and 234xxseries bearing to construct Cartridge type Spindle unit of high precision and rigidity-applied on the CNC lathe.
- Adopting angular ball bearing to construct cartridge type spindle unit of high precision and rigidity--applied on cylindrical grinder and surface grinder.
- We are developing spindle unit with high speed for machining center (up to 12000 rpm)
- OEM wanted

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