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Battery Test / Earth-Line Detector
Battery Test / Earth-Line Detector


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

No need to use battery. Enhance electrical appliance durability and eco-friendliness

For testing 1.5V/3V/6V/9V, button batteries and A/AA/AAA/D1.5V batteries

W/a power-check strip while testing 1.5V and 9V batteries; and w/polarity protection while testing 1.5V/3V/6V/9V batteries

Also tests fuses, light bulbs, and lead wires

Tests household sockets and earth lines
Can directly measure 12V-220V AC/DC
LCD display shows voltage of battery, with testing conditions as:
Electric discharge current of 1.5V battery: 120mA
Electric discharge current of 9V battery: 25mA

Contact Person: Wang Xiao-ying (Export Manager)
Zhou Liang-bao (Person in Charge in Taiwan)

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