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6-Spindle Lift Type Processing Machine
6-Spindle Lift Type Processing Machine

Model:LFS-110-6Z Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Function :
1. 1st ~ 3rd spindle reaming motor:5HPx4P
2. 4th ~ 6th spindle tapping motor:5HPx6P
3. Motor horse power change subject to size of work piece
4. Tap spindle motor with options of brake motor or frequency converter installation
5. Spindle outside diameter 110, Max stroke 150mm
6. Tee, Bend, Nipple, Ball valve and Gate valve body and so forth can be processed
7. LFS-95-6Z model is suitable for workpiece under 1"PT,it efficiently increases capacity & reduces machine and processing costs
8. Human machine interface(HMI),as optional equipment

Specification :
1. Electric system PLC
2. Hydraulic pump motor:3HPx4P double pump=1set, 2HPx4P single pump=1set
3. Cutting fluid setting: water pump motor 1/4HP, tank capacity 200 liter
4. Total horse power:35HP
5. Machine size:L2500xW2500xH2200(mm)
6. Total weight:4500KG

6-Spindle Lift Type Processing Machine
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