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Persistent Anti-loosing Hose Clamp
Persistent Anti-loosing Hose Clamp

Model:SY-168S Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

SY-168S persistent anti-loosing hose clamp
. Product category: 8 mm band width design and 12.7 mm band width design.
SY-168S (8 mm) sizes available from 1/2" to 4".
SY-168S (12.7 mm) sizes available from1-1/16" to 4".

. Product structure: persistent anti-loosing hose clamp are assembled with four kinds of components such as screw, housing, band, and spring, shown as the following specification chart.

. Product feature: the major functions of persistent anti-loosing hose clamp.

1. In the surrounding with drastic temperature fluctuation, pipeline tends to leak as it is to expand when hot, and to shrink when cold. In this case, the spring in persistent anti-loosing hose clamp can expand or shrink with pipeline to tightly pressure on it and keep it from leakage.

2. As hose clamp is tightened, it can prevent itself from loosening. The spring in hose clamp can consistently pressure on screw and keep it from loosening, ideal for violently jolting situations when in trucks, or on industrial machinery, etc.

Persistent Anti-loosing Hose Clamp

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