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Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine
Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine

Model:LFG-8040 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The LFG-8040 is a high precision, multi-functional vertical gear profile grinder, developed by Luren based on its many years of experience manufacturing its own gear cutting tools. The LFG-8040 is built with the most advanced technology available, including Fanuc CNC 8-axis control in a closed-loop servo control system, direct drive motor, and industrial-grade computer. The LFG-8040 also includes Luren`s most technologically advanced Windows-based user-friendly interface to date. This software place the design flexibility to modify gear profiles and specify grinding conditions at the user`s fingertips. The operator only needs to key in the required gear data into the Windows-based , user-friendly interface and Luren`s software will automatically compute the rest of the data. No NC programing knowledge is required.

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