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Water Wizard
Water Wizard

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When mixed with cold water, Water Wizard, the latest invention from We'reTop, will produce a large amount of anions, which will, through the cooling pipes surrounding engine, react with cylinder, combustion chamber and intake and exhaust values. The static electricity ?cations, generated during the reciprocal movement of the piston in cylinder, will be neutralized by the anions produced by Water Wizard, thereby reducing not only the friction of piston movement but also the static electricity bursts. Additionally, it also speed up the combustion and further to achieve a precise ignition. The effect of the reduced friction on the valve wall is equivalent to the expansion of the valve , which results in increased airflow coming in and out. The combined factors mentioned above lead to a higher horse power especially in high speed operation. Water Wizard is not antirust and can therefore be used together with radiator coolant .

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