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Continuous Powder Sintering Furnace

Continuous Powder Sintering Furnace

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

[ Usage ]..................................

1.Suitable for any kinds of Powder Metallurgy.

2.Suitable for light & thin sintering parts.

[ Features ].............................

1.Special convection design to ensure the uniform temperature.

2.Adopted in the Swedish KANTHEL heating elements for model design. The three sides heating to ensure add
temperature equally and raise temperature quickly. Save much time for maintenance.

3.According to customer's request to design the four sides individual temperature control. It could be link with
computer for inspection.

4.Adopted in methanol type inner breast design to prevent the heat pars and protective atmosphere touch directly.
Avoiding the working pieces damage by overheat and increase heat parts life.

5.Adopted in special conveyor for protect the working pieces from damage caused by push transport.

6.Special protective air curtain design. Dew point up -55℃. Avoiding the working pieces oxygenation in sintering

7.Special design, the useful life will over 1 years 9ML in normal condition.

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