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Face Shields
Face Shields

Model:B979 Country of Origin:China, Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

〔B900 (Pinlock/Ratchet Suspension:B300-2) + B922 / B922AF (Anti-fog) Clear Visor + B007 Ear Muff]
*Suitable for use with most garden power tools: hedge cutters, strimmers, garden vacuums, shredders.
*High performance ear muffs guard against excessive noise of outdoor power products.
*Sturdy protective brow guard with large polycarbonate visor provide excellent all round vision.
*Aluminium rim is available.
*Padded adjustable harness with ratchet mechanism and sweatband for extreme comfort.
*Provides excellent head, and hearing protection; it's great ideas for people who needs both protection.
*Anti-fog for visor is available; anti-fog reduces or eliminates fogging.
*Top headband can rotate 90 degree provides effortless size adjustment.
*Rear suspension/ harness can rotate 90 degree & folds inward for easy of storage and contour for comfort.
*Used with Visor (B922, B922AF, B924, B925, B908-4, B908-4AF, B908-4G) and headband ear muff (B001, B002, B003, B004, B007, B008, B020, B021)
*Suspension/harness gained Taiwan Patent, U.S Patent, China Patent and EU Patent.
Size : 8" X 12" / 8" X 14" / 8" X 15.5"
Complies : CE EN166 ; EN168 ; EN352-1 ; ANSI Z87+ ; ANSI S3.19

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